AquaVapor Review

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Don’t let the creepy cult-like insignia fool you because AquaVapor = electronic cigarettes galore!

Offering everything from minis to tanks to variable voltage e cigs and e liquid formulas including propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, AquaVapor is a real treat for all vaping levels. Plus, the company offers a rewards points program that earns 1 point for every $1 spent.

Price – 4.5/5

All e cigarette starter kits and their respective batteries and accessories are priced very well.

The 510 PCC kit, for example, costs $59.95 and includes 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, 2 chargers: USB & wall, and a 10 ml e liquid. As a general rule, 10 milliliters of e juice is equivalent to 1 carton of cigs, or 200 cigarettes. A 510 battery costs $9.95.

Priced at $69.95, the eGo C includes 2 batteries, 2 atomizer bases and cones, 5 atomizers, 5 cartridges, USB & wall chargers, and a 10 ml e liquid bottle.

The Premium e liquid costs $7.95 for 10 ml, $12.95 for 20 ml, or $15.95 for 30 ml. One of their most versatile offerings is a 200 ml flavored liquid bundle composed of 20 10-ml bottles at $54.95.

Warranty – 1/5

Coverage is for 30 days, which isn’t necessarily bad, but there are two things that gives this warranty its 1-star rating.

1) Faulty units are to be sent back for inspection prior to receiving a new unit.
This procedure is more understandable on a warranty that is longer than 30 days, but the transit time of sending the unit back to the company can take up to a week. There goes one quarter of your coverage time!

AquaVapor offers the low prices they do because they barely have to cover anything under their warranty.

Think about it:
Day 1 – Receive package.
Day 15 – Battery is dead.
Day 16 – Contact company & send back unit.
Day 19 – AV receives unit, inspects, sends replacement. Day 23 – Receive replacement.

How many more days of coverage do you have?

We understand this procedure is often times implemented to prevent fraudulent claims, but we believe this procedure can be greatly improved.

2) AquaVapor’s Police-Like Regulations
To make matters worse, their warranty coverage conveys this eerie feeling of policing.

A unit is inspected to determine the cause of failure, but among the reasons not covered include:

- Liquid leakage from battery from overfilling cartridges/cartos
– Electrical shorts caused by thread connectors/contacts on batteries and atomizers clean/dry
– Battery failure caused by charging batteries before they need to be charged
– Battery failure caused by plugging into PCC while PCC is plugged into home adapter

Jeez. Does AquaVapor want to include “regular usage” on that list, too?

It seems like AV wants perfection when using their e cigaretttes and expects you never ever to err. Sorry, but this just ain’t gonna happen. Some companies reject warranty claims when units are modified or visibly tampered with, which is understandable. AV, on the other hand, can refuse to honor the warranty if you make a mistake… and trust us, plenty of vapers – both new and old to the game – make plenty of mistakes!

Customer Service – 5/5

A good group of people at AquaVapor. Very helpful, and responded with enthusiasm to all of our inquiries!

Selection – 5/5

The Classic RN4081: a mini e cig that’s good for starters. The DSE901: a popular “pen style”. The eGo, the 510, drip tips in a multitude of colors, a variable voltage option, clearomizers, and suppliers for the more experienced vapor…

If you can get past the extremely limited and unsupportive warranty, AquaVapor is a good choice